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The 'JUST US' Experience

I’m passionate about creating an authentic space for couples to commit themselves to one another.

I will guide you through the planning of an intimate experience. I will help you select the best locations and manage the logistics.
And finally, I will capture your special, candid moments on the day.

Enjoy this day just being together or with those close to you.
Let me handle the rest. 

Let’s go on an adventure.

This is about you
your love story

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I’m not just the girl with the camera. Sooo Before we get started, I’d love for you to get to know me….

What is an adventure elopement 

It’s about going back to basics. It’s about you. It’s about love. What if I told you that you don’t have to endure the stresses of a traditional wedding? An elopement is an intimate wedding experience that allows you to exchange vows in a private setting. An ‘adventure’ elopement is just that…PLUS an experience tailored to you and your partner. Prefer sunrises? I’ll find the best one

How do elopements work?

It’s your wedding day. You deserve this moment. You deserve it to be more than fleeting. So don’t rush. Have the peace of mind that an all-day elopement gives you: an experience that is relaxed and well documented. There will be no awkward photos with forced smiles. The entire day is yours and you set the pace. 

Can I include my family on my elopement day? 

absolutely! an “elopement” is defined by intentionally focusing your wedding day on you two (the couple). if you have close family & friends that are on board with your vision and want to support and celebrate with you—go for it. we have been to elopements with up to 25 people that have the same vibe as a 2-person elopement.

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