So you’ve decided to elope and now it’s time to get planning. Choosing an elopement photographer who is right for you is so so so important!!

Because elopements are experienced with only you and your lover or a select group of people, they are incredibly deep and intimate, focused on connection and presence.

Your photographer will be the one who captures these beautiful moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

This post is going to outline a couple of things to consider before choosing an elopement photographer:

choosing an elopement photographer

1. Hire a photographer who you feel comfortable with.

Your elopement day is an incredibly intimate experience and you want someone who will enhance this and add to it.

You don’t want awkward silences or weird vibes.

Choose someone who is personable, and who brings out the best in you both.

You want to feel completely at ease sharing these raw moments with the person who is going to be capturing them.

eloping couple on beach
eloping couple

2. When choosing an elopement photographer, find someone who is actually experienced in elopements.

Many photographers may offer to shoot elopements without realising how utterly different they are to a traditional wedding.

Elopement photography is a unique skill and being able to capture the intimacy of an elopement is so important.

Everyone is so different. Their relationships and experiences are all so varied. The way that any two couples are together is never the same.

It’s something that I find so beautiful. It’s something that you should be able to FEEL through the photos you get at the end of your day.

Find someone who shows up to capture this.

choosing an elopement photographer
choosing an elopement photographer

3. Choose someone who is invested in your day

You deserve to find someone who works to ensure everything is truly magical for you. Try to find someone who isn’t going to just show up, take some snaps and leave.

Look for someone who is PASSIONATE about what they do.

Someone who is passionate about creating beautiful elopements and supporting gorgeous couples throughout one of the most special days of their lives.

choosing an elopement photographer

4. Make sure you’re choosing an elopement photographer whose style fits the aesthetic you’re going for.

Every photographer shoots a little differently, and they each have their own style.

It’s important that you take the time to first figure out what you want from your images. Then you can find a photographer who matches that style and aesthetic that you’re going for.

Photographs are pieces of art, and you want those images at the end to be ones that you’re excited to put up and show off. Ones that truly reflect you.

choosing an elopement photographer

I am an elopement photographer as I’m sure you’d know, however what I aim to do is soooo much more than that.

I don’t just offer a bunch of nice photos at the end of the day.

Above all, think of me as your elopement coordinator. The ‘wedding planner’ for your elopement. The go to gal for EVERYTHING elopement; planning AND photography.

I aim to be there to guide you through the process of planning your elopement. To empower you with the knowledge I have to bring your vision to life. 

And because I work through the entire process with each couple, I am able to capture your day in complete alignment with your vision.

Of course I’ll take some stunning photos of you both throughout the day to remember forever. However, when I offer my services to you, I fully invest in you both as a couple and the day you’re aiming to create.

I’m already SO excited at the thought of helping you plan your perfect elopement day. If it’s something you’re considering, please reach out! Send me a DM or email, or fill out the contact form on my website! I want to be there from the start, and I can’t wait to turn your dream into a reality.

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