One of my favourite elopement ideas is to join your elopement and honeymoon together! 

Because who doesn’t love the sound of having your wedding day in the same incredible place as your honeymoon? (without all of the added costs of bringing your guests with you).

I, like so many other people, absolutely LOVE the idea of travel. And after my slightly disastrous wedding I told myself that if I could have a redo – I’d elope.

I would elope somewhere new, somewhere exciting, with adventure and nature and a whole lot of solitude to just bask in each other’s love. A destination wedding without all of the fuss. 

And if I were to have a redo – I think I would join my elopement and my honeymoon together.

Here’s why:

Eloping couple hugging. Join your elopement and honeymoon together.
Eloping couple kissing.
Eloping couple on rocks.

I feel like a lot of the time with traditional weddings, couples tend to have the wedding for everyone else and the honeymoon for themselves.

Planning a traditional wedding is often a pretty tiring and stressful experience. It can become more about living up to the expectations that others place on you than doing what feels authentic and meaningful to your relationship.

The honeymoon often ends up being the first moment you actually get to spend together in presence and celebration, a time where you can really sit back and feel into the authenticity and intimacy of the moment in a way that reflects the two of you. 

But shouldn’t the actual ceremony feel the same? Why should you have to wait for the honeymoon to feel like this?

By joining your elopement with the honeymoon, you literally set yourself up to plan for an experience that’s relaxing and personal and passionate, grounded in one another’s presence.

Eloping couple hugging. Join your elopement and honeymoon together.

When you join your elopement and honeymoon together, you get to have a destination wedding without even trying!

There are no restrictions placed on how many guests can fit or how far people have to travel. This means you can choose a location that’s meaningful to you as a couple. There are some pretty incredible options in Australia to choose from!

Even if you do bring a couple of people along, you’ve still got so much more freedom of choice. If you were to bring 200+ guests, plus seating, plus decorations, plus… get the picture, it’s not so easy.

You could literally have your elopement ceremony on the top of a mountain, only to then climb back down to a beautiful hillside resort where you’ll spend the next few weeks continuing the celebration.

You could elope on the sand of a secluded cove and then pop over to your little beachside cottage for the ultimate summer honeymoon where it’s only the two of you who matter.

The possibilities are endless.

Eloping couple on mountain top.

So much less stress

The beautiful thing about an elopement – especially one that’s at the same place as the honeymoon is that you don’t have to go through the stress and the intensity of planning a wedding. You simply go straight into the intimacy and connection, and all the amazing experiences a traditional honeymoon provides. 

Rather than planning two separate events (both of which aim to provide a celebration of your love), it’s much easier just to plan one!

And that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself in what you do and where you go. I often recommend figuring out WHAT it is that you want to do (for the ceremony day and the honeymoon). You can then base WHERE you go off that.

Eloping couple walking along the beach. Join your elopement and honeymoon together.

Elopements are truly the most beautiful and authentic way to get married.

If a traditional wedding is the absolute dream for you then 100% go for it.

But for those couples who aren’t completely sold on the whole thing elopements are definitely something to consider.

AND an elopement joined with your honeymoon is one of my favourite ways to do it!

I am so incredibly passionate about crafting the most extraordinary experiences for the couples I work with. In other words, I offer so much more than just pretty photos at the end of the day.

I aim to be there to guide you through the process of planning your elopement (honeymoon and all) – empowering you with the knowledge I have to bring your vision to life.

Fill out the contact form on my website if having someone to guide you through the whole elopement process is something you’re interested in. I’d love to help bring your vision to life.

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