What is an elopement and is it for me?

I don’t think traditional weddings cater for everyone.

Not only can they be incredibly anxiety inducing to plan, but I find that generally speaking, weddings are so steeped in traditions that treat every couple and every family dynamic the same, when the truth is that no two families or couples are alike.

And when you plan an event like this – one that pushes everybody down the same traditional roads, it can feel really awkward and uncomfortable, like you’re constantly trying to fit a mould that just isn’t quite the right size.

eloping couple on the beach

For me personally, my wedding day was a disaster from start to finish

There was so much drama around who was and wasn’t invited, who was seated where, disastrous kid fights while we were trying to get ready, and by the time I actually arrived to walk down the aisle there were still people getting out of their cars!

It just felt like the whole day was about pleasing our guests rather than actually enjoying ourselves.

This is why I LOVE the idea of an elopement!!

I know that in Australia especially, there’s still so much unknown about them, but if I knew then what I know now about eloping I would do everything so differently. 

what is an elopement?

So what is an elopement?

Put simply, an elopement is a term used to describe more of a small destination wedding or private ceremony, held with either just the couple or a small selection of close family and friends. In an elopement, you’re simply just opting for a more personalised day that reflects the two of you as a couple and values experiences over ‘things.’

And don’t get me wrong, making the decision to elope rather than throw a traditional wedding is not an easy one! 

So many couples feel massive pressure and expectation to do things the ‘proper’ way. It’s why so often the wedding can feel like it’s been ‘put on’ for others.

But if you KNOW in your heart that a traditional wedding is just not for you, it’s totally ok.

You don’t need to compromise on one of the most special days of your life just to please other people.

At the end of the day, if you and your partner are happy and doing exactly what you want to do FOR YOU, then that’s all that matters (and just know that you are so brave for throwing away the rulebook and doing so!).

eloping couple on mountain
cute eloping couple on mountain

Struggling to decide whether a traditional wedding is for you, or whether you’re more suited to an elopement? Ask yourself the questions below. If you resonate with the majority of them, it might be time to start seriously considering the idea of an elopement:

8 signs an Elopement might be for you:

  1. You HATE being the centre of attention. 
  1. You feel a ton of pressure from those around you to plan a day that doesn’t particularly appeal to you.
  1. You’d rather spend your money on experiences than objects.
  1. You want a day where you can completely immerse yourself in the experience of just being with your partner, basking in your love
  1. The idea of planning a huge event makes you feel sick
  1. You LOVE travelling and adventure and value experiences over material objects
  1. You’re not super sold on the societal traditions of a wedding
  1. You just want to elope. Don’t feel like you need to rationalize your decision to anybody. This is YOUR day and you deserve to spend it in any which way you want.
what is an elopement?

Elopements (in my opinion) are truly the most beautiful and authentic way to get married. If a traditional wedding is the absolute dream for you then 100% go for it. But if you aren’t completely sold on the whole thing, elopements are definitely something to consider!

I may not have had the picture perfect wedding day, but I’m so grateful I got to marry the love of my life. And that’s all it’s about in the end isn’t it? Celebrating love and creating those special memories, not necessarily the huge party that comes with it.

That’s why I want to use my knowledge to empower you to make decisions that don’t just give in to the expectations of other people. It’s why I’m so passionate about helping couples to create the most magical experience.

I now put all of my energy into empowering people to craft a day that feels completely authentic to them.

Interested to know more about what an elopement could look like for you? Send me through a message! I have a wealth of knowledge and would absolutely love to chat.

what is an elopement?

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